Amanda Conklin Coaching

Certified Heal Your Life® Coach, Workshop Facilitator &
Reiki Practitioner


Amanda has been a dear friend of mine for over a year. I've looked to her for advice and guidance multiple times. She is incredibly trustworthy, understanding, and genuinely cares about what is going on in your life. If there is anything I look for in a life coach it is #1. Somebody who won't focus on the past or judge you for life choices. #2 Someone who is positive. Amanda is THE most positive person I know who looks forward to what the future holds. Through the things she has overcome in her own life she is on a mission to help others feel amazing about their lives and conquer any obstacle in the way. I'd highly recommend her to anybody trying to find a new life coach. 

~McKenzie S. 

I have attended many retreats out of the state and even out of the country.  Little did I know magic would be happening in my very own backyard.  Thanks to the enlightened and loving works of Amanda.  She did such an incredible job hosting and teaching us all.  The space she reserved for us was beautiful and decadent!  I'm always wanting to learn and grow and she definitely pushed me beyond my edges.  But ever so gently and lovingly.  I highly recommend attending one of her upcoming events.  It is so worth it!

~Shelley W.